How to Prepare a Turkish Coffee

How to Prepare a Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is rich, thick, and a delightful drink to be enjoyed slowly with good company. It is brewed in a copper coffee pot called a cezve (jez-VEY), made with powder-like ground coffee, and sweetened to the drinker's taste. Creating the perfect cup of Turkish coffee is a splendid way to show off your coffee-making skills.

Mainly enjoyed throughout the Middle East, it is made in a cezve, a typical long-handled pot made from copper or brass.

Very finely ground coffee is needed to make it. Turkish Coffee is made from Extra Fine Arabica Coffee. For Espresso, Fine Grind coffee is used, so you may guess that coffee must be like powder for Turkish Coffee.

Traditionally a brass grinder is used, in order to obtain a powder as fine as caster sugar. It is drunk from small cups (similar to espresso), once the powder has completely settled at the bottom.


  • Add water to the cezve (Turkish coffee pot), about 50 milliliters (1.7 oz) per cup of coffee desired
  • Add sugar to taste, stirring to blend it
  • Bring to a boil, remove from heat and add a teaspoon of coffee per cup
  • Boil coffee.
  • Remove the cevze from heat immediately after bringing to a first boil, discarding the accumulated foam, and mix well.
  • The coffee is boiled twice in succession, taking care to remove the cezve from the heat between one boiling and the next. The foam can either be discarded or kept before stirring it well
  • Allow remaining powder to settle before serving. You can add a tablespoon of cold water to the pot after boiling twice to accelerate the process.

How to Make Turkish Coffee Like a Pro

2021 Aug 27th

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